• Through vast industry experience and expert in-house design, META can offer turnkey installation packages to its customers’ specific requirements. From basic process/production information, we are able to design, supply and install complete resin storage, drying, handling, conveying, and cooling systems to meet your specific needs, ranging from the smallest individual machine to a large turnkey installation, in basically all applications in plastics manufacturing facilities. When planning a contract, site and climatic conditions, temperature and elevation specifications, building constraints, and budget are all taken into consideration.

  • Turnkey contracts can comprise of one or all of the following specialized skills:
    - Unloading and uncrating of equipment, and disposal of crates as specified by local
    - Checking packing lists and inspecting equipment to ensure nothing is missing or damaged
    - Rigging and positioning of equipment as per customer approved drawings
    - Obtain local permits and adequate specific on-site training as required by the customer
    - Mechanical pipework design in stainless steel, ABS, PVC and galvanized mild steel
    - Thermal insulation to varying standards ranging from conventional industrial sites up to
    --chemical and pharmaceutical applications
    - Civil and builders works and in-house project management

  • Our team is responsible for the progress of each design and installation from the development of the initial enquiry to the final commissioning and handover of the plant. This ensures that the full scope of supply and works is accurately planned and defined to specification, on schedule and within the agreed budget. Being an accredited contractor, META is able to install to the highest standards and safety practices giving you peace of mind and guaranteed quality.