free cooling

  • Free cooling is when one takes advantage of the low outside air temperature for cooling the process water, rather than using a chiller or chilled-water system for the cooling requirements of the entire plant. Our customers are now installing free cooling units, chillers with integral free cooling coils, or dry coolers in line with their existing cooling systems.


  • When the ambient air drops to a set temperature, a modulating valve allows all or part of the chilled water to by-pass your existing chiller and run through the free cooling system, which uses less power and utilizes the lower ambient air to cool the water in your system.


  • - Utilize the cold air outside which is free.
    - Reduce the use of existing compressors
    - Reduced hours of operation (less wear & tear)
    - Extend the life expectancy of existing
    - Reduce energy costs
    - System runs automatically when required
    - Payback could be as little as 12 months
    - Lower start-up costs with Free Cooling


    We carry two basic models of free coolers: EcoAFC, Adiabatic Free Coolers, and EcoDFC, Dry Free Coolers. These units are suitable for: machine hydraulics, high-pressure air compressors, high-frequency generators, welding equipment, water condensed chillers, electronic cabinets, and general industrial cooling.

  • The EcoAFC Units (Adiabatic Free Coolers)

  • Cooling capacity from 20 to 350 tons. The EcoAFC combines energy savings provided by a dry-cooler with the efficiency of an adiabatic system. This unit is suitable to all industrial processes, ensuring temperatures close to the wet bulb value.

    Taking advantage of water evaporation resulting from the use of the adiabatic packs, we get an inlet air temperature to the exchange batteries which is much lower than ambient. So the EcoAFC system cools the water at a temperature which is always lower than ambient, with no contamination or consumption of process water.

  • The EcoDFC Units (Dry Free Coolers)

  • Cooling capacity from 20 to 260 tons. The EcoDFC is a dry-cooler that offers innovation at a very competitive price. The structure of the unit and its characteristics are similar to the EcoAFC, but with dry bulb operation, without the adiabatic packs.

    The performance of the EcoDFC may be improved by retrofitting the unit with a spray kit: this solution provides for the circulation of water on the front section of the coils resulting in its evaporation with consequent reduction of the inlet air temperature and positive affect on the temperature of the process water.


  • A reliable supply of uncontaminated cooling fluid is of major importance. Rising water costs and increasing environmental pressures affect both production costs and efficiency. Closed-loop cooling is the only answer as it reduces water losses.

    Free coolers can be applied to your cooling system through chillers with integral free cooling coils or free coolers which are fitted in-line with your existing equipment. META can provide energy analyses to show potential savings, and help you find the most practical and cost effective solution for your business.