• META offers extensive industry experience to support customers planning new facilities, system upgrades or expansion. Along with equipment solutions our staff can provide support information to assist our customers during each stage of a project, from project definition, equipment selection, installation, start-up and support after project completion. Our engineering support, experience and expertise is included with every solution we present and throughout the duration of a project.

  • Equipment Solutions: From experience we have aligned META with industry leaders in the manufacture of equipment that excels in quality, reliability, efficiency and performance at a cost effective level. Because our customers know our equipment is the best available and competitively priced they can concentrate on the remaining aspects of the project.

  • Project Definition: With basic customer requirements we provide the best support equipment solutions in a clear and concise manner with quotations, layouts and flow sheets, and we follow up with presentations to ensure that our customers understand out solution and recognize it's merits. In this way we provide the tools that allow us to work with the customer to develop the project scope and consider options or alternatives to their original concept, finetuning the supply to everyone's satisfaction.

  • Project Execution: Once the project moves forward, and while equipment is in the production phase, our staff will visit and become familiarized with the facility to ensure that equipment and materials installation proceeds quickly and properly. Final layouts and flow sheets are developed to aid installation by our highly qualified installation staff so that the result is not only mechanically correct but tidy and complete.

  • Layouts: our engineering staff provide meticulous drawings with complete accuracy and review them continuously with our customer to ensure that everything will be installed properly.

  • Flow sheets: These are carefully prepared to allow whoever views them, customer engineering and procuring staff, contractors and mechanical installers, or operating personnel can easily, quickly and completely understand the scope of supply and operating principle.

  • Start-Up: our experienced staff are factory trained and backed up by decades of on-site experience to ensure that the equipment is correctly configured and ready for start-up. Should any problems occur, our engineering staff will assist field personnel to quickly resolve the issue and proceed with timely start-up. Our staff will then carefully monitor operation until they and our customer are satisfied that everything is functioning correctly.

  • After-Sales Support: our staff are ready to provide prompt and qualified assistance for any issues for which our customers require support. In addition to trouble-shooting equipment operation our staff can provide manuals and electrical schematics as well as identify parts or equipment components that the customer requires.