• We endorse and promote Eisbär's innovative and revolutionary PET resin drying technology which achieves greater energy efficiency, performance, and reliability than conventional dual-tower desiccant dryers, with a simple and clever design.
  • Dryers with desiccant rotors deliver constant dew point, airflow, and temperature, therefore consistent drying. The desired dew point level can be adjusted by the operator in accordance to the resin type.

    efficient use of energy
    simplicity and reliability
    price competitive
    continuous process
    constant dew point
    constant temperature
    constant air flow
    no variation in resin IV
    superior quality and workmanship
    constant injection process
    smaller process and regen fans
    less expensive components
    fewer moving parts
    simple installation and start-up
    quick desiccant changes
    less maintenance
  • Besides high energy efficiency, Eisbär’s technology reduces down-time attributed to maintenance, reduces the cost of replacement parts, reduces on-site servicing requirements, and reduces resin waste at start-ups ... resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

    - Consistent Resin Temperature (> 175C)
    - Consistent Final Moisture (<40 ppm)
    - Consistent IV Levels (no IV drop)
    - Consistent Dew Point Levels
    - Consistent AA Levels
    - Guaranteed Less Maintenance
    - Guaranteed Less Down Time
    - Guaranteed Higher Productivity
    - Guaranteed Less Floor Space
    - Energy Usage of 15 to 20 Wh/kg for Single-Hopper
    - Systems (Mezzanine)
    - Energy Usage of 19 to 24 Wh/kg for Split Systems (Floor Level)
    - Must add the energy required to raise the temperature of the
    - specific PET pellets to the desired drying temperature (enthalpy), between 56 and 67 Wh/kg. This greatly depends on initial
    - resin temperature.
    - Energy figures exclude the vacuum loading equipment


    Superior Quality & Workmanship
    Advanced Features & Technologies
    More Energy Efficient & Competitively Priced
    Constant Process Conditions (Recusorb Principle)
    Systems Totally Complete & More Compact
    Insulated Stainless Steel Hoppers (Mass-Flow Efficiency > 90%)
    User-Friendly PLC with Fully Automatic Airflow/Dewpoint Functions
    Stainless Steel Piping & Dual-Filtration System (Optional)
    Volatile Traps & Condensate Collectors (Standard)
    Safety Thermostats & Thermo switches (Prevent Problems)
    Integrated Vacuum Conveying Systems and Fines Separators
    Smaller Process & Regeneration Fans (Less Energy / Less Money)
    Less Parts Replacement (Lower Prices)
    Shorter Replacement Times