• The European flagship in cooling technologies is Climaveneta, a company that develops innovative solutions in order to continuously match or exceed customers' expectations. Climaveneta bases their efforts and success on unique know-how and technological expertise, a strong business ethic, and a philosophy based on core values.

  • Climaveneta strives for excellence in cooling and air-conditioning focusing on four core values, that are the pillars of their vision:
  • - Energy Efficiency
    - Custom-Made
    - Environmental Impact
    - Comfort

  • Environmental respect, specific solutions for each project, innovation, experience, highest R.O.I.: in two words, sustainable comfort.


  • -
    low energy usage in all climate zones, with focus on minimal environmental impact.
    reduce water consumption in warm areas and use little or no water in cold climates
    minimize the environmental impact by not using toxic gases, instead environmentally friendly refrigerants in small amounts depending on the type and size of equipment used
    adopt closed-loop systems as they offer significant savings in maintenance and chemicals, used in make-up water facilities. Due to exposure to ambient air, open-loop systems are prone to oxidation corrosion, scale build-up, clogging from foreign matters, and generation of bacteria, algae, viruses, etc.
    deliver systems that can adapt to climate variations, using integrated chiller+free-cooler solutions, dissipating heat into the outside air, only using refrigeration in proportion increased temperatures
    recommend systems that can operate in free cooling mode, when suitable and possible
    energy-efficient cooling solutions, with the highest COP and EER levels
    maintain a high safety margin of operation and in case of outage of a unit
    pumping stations, reservoir tanks, filters, valves, and accessories, are sized and selected for optimum performance of the system, while maintaining flexibility, modularity, and minimum floor space.

  • META offers solutions in refrigeration with focus on environmental sustainability. We design and integrate highly flexible cooling water systems, suitable to meet any requirement in refrigeration, air-conditioning, mold, process, and machine cooling, with focus on ENERGY-EFFICIENCY, quality, and reliability.