closure handling

  • META offers equipment for closure conveying and storage, as well as boxing stations. Equipment in contact with closures are typically in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel silos for closure storage are designed to guarantee no deforming or damage to the product. Silos are modular, simple to assemble, and

    can be easily upgraded for future plant production expansion. A wide range of silo sizes are available.

  • Closures can be conveyed to the silos pneumatically or by belt conveyor. Belt conveyors on top of the silos move product to ensure even filling of the silos, and conveyors discharge the closures to external conveying systems.
  • Pneumatic conveying systems are available in venturi-type pick-up systems for short conveying distances and vacuum systems for longer distances and complex conveying. We adopt high-quality clear Butyrate tubing.
  • Pneumatically operated diverter valves are employed when closures are conveyed from one pick-up point to multiple destinations, such as silos, printers and box counters.
  • Belt conveyors are available for a wide range of applications and employ high quality integrated plastic or PVC belts to eliminate damage to product and for long life.
  • Benefits are: low cost, no angel hair, vacuum conveying systems with no blockage, dust separation, speed control, no closure damage, and virtually maintenance free.